Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State

“I am proud to state that Tom Tuohy has been my valued friend and legal counsel for more than 30 years. During that course of time, he has also served the legal needs and diligently represented the residents of the Cabrini-Green housing complex, as well as countless individuals and families throughout the State of Illinois. Tom has consistently demonstrated commitment and dedication in his work and in the performance of his law practice responsibilities. He has displayed an ability to work constructively and compassionately with all individuals involved in our system of justice. His positive attitude and conscientious approach to his practice and its inherent legal challenges exemplify the legal temperament, diligence and intellect necessary in jurisprudence. Tom has also been a longtime advocate for children’s rights, as evidenced by his founding of Dreams for Kids, Inc. and being a longtime member of the Board of Directors of the Jesse White Tumbling Team. These positions are truly reflective of his concern for youngsters. In essence, I consider Tom Tuohy to be one of Illinois’ outstanding attorneys and someone that can be relied on and trusted.”

Terry G. Hillard, Retired Police Superintendent, Co-Founder Hillard Heintze, LLC

“I have known of Tom Tuohy’s reputation for a long time through my responsibilities as Police Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department. When the time came to take care of my family business and my personal and business affairs, I knew exactly who I would retain. Tom has the extensive professional experience and demeanor that you would hope for in an attorney and counselor. I knew that I could rely on his expertise and most importantly I knew I could trust him. In my background as law enforcement professional and as principal of Hillard Heintze, LLC, there is nothing more important than trust and confidentiality. You can trust Tom Tuohy to handle your affairs in the most professional manner and you can be assured that you will be protected.”

William J. Nolan, Retired President Fraternal Order of Police

“Thank you for the nine years of outstanding legal representation that you have given to thousands of members of the Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge #7, during my tenure as President. When I needed someone to protect my family’s interests and to handle my personal and professional legal affairs, I did not hesitate to consult you and will continue to do so. I consider you to be an attorney that can be trusted and one with the highest professional standards and ability. I am proud to have you as a friend. Thank you for your continuous service to the Police Officers and citizens of Chicago.”

Solon Tsaoussis

Further Lawyer Reviews, Personnel Division: City of Chicago- “We wish to acknowledge the 12 years that you have served at the City of Chicago’s request as provider of your legal educational seminars to the employees of the Chicago Police Department.You are a valued asset to our program, and the City of Chicago appreciates you lending your time and expertise so that our employees can become better educated about their legal affairs.”

Valerie K.

– “Outstanding! Prompt, professional, informative and above all – caring! Ms. Shelly cared enough to listen, even though my case dictates I travel another direction; and yet, Mr. Tom Tuohy, Esq. still took the time to follow up with me. Now that’s the the kind of teamwork and personal attention I look for in legal representation. Thank you – dynamic duo!”

Dr. Wayne Johnson

Department Chair, Harper College- “Tom Tuohy is the most reputable attorney I know and I have dealt with quite a few. He instills a level of trust and reliability in his clients that is remarkable. He is friendly and good natured and has the clients best interest in mind always.”