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Living Trust in the Seaon of Giving and Planning

Here we are again. It is hard to believe how quickly time passes. Snow on the ground and another Holiday Season. Ask yourself two questions: Are we giving enough? Have you planned for when you are gone and protected your family with a Living Trust?


Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nearly 2 million Americans live in long term health care facilities. With the aging of the baby boomers this figure will rise by 40% in the next decade. A recently released nursing home report by Families for Better Care, the first comprehensive state of state review of nursing home care and nursing home abuse, found … Continue reading Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect


The Difference Between a Will and a Trust

One day after their mother was murdered, they were sitting in my conference room. Three devastated daughters had brought their mother’s red accordion folder that was perfectly organized. Their mother had told them that if anything happened to her, she wanted them to know that she had organized all her affairs so that everything would … Continue reading The Difference Between a Will and a Trust